A good friend to talk to, someone who ISN'T annoying (haters..), one with a contagious laugh, smart person, interested in history, math, science, geography, science, history, world news, science, and a master.
Wow Ayala, you're definitely gonna be in the top 10%

Man, shut up. Ayala ain't annoying. Stupid hater. DAS RIGHT, PROBLEM?
by Don'tHateOnAyalas April 10, 2012
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A sexy girl who teases her boyfriend over teh internet.
Damn that girl Ayalaed me last night over Skype.
by dlauf1225@gmail.com January 17, 2009
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a small grouping of hair that runs across an otherwise unobstructed face of a beautiful girl and, in effect, adding to the beauty of said girl.
"That picture with the ayala makes you look gorgeous, you should submit that one."
"But my hair is in my face."
"My point exactly."
by Mad Dog Tannen February 13, 2009
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1. (Noun) A Ayala is typically a annoying type of person who wont shut up.

2. (Verb) A Ayala is when you are in a mall and poop in a bag.
Noun example:
'Hey dude, stop being such a Ayala; it's really bringing us down'

Verb example:
'Did that guy just Ayala in public?
by TRITEYCAKES July 18, 2009
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Pennsylvania native, Puerto Rican descent. Raised in Broward County, Florida. Born on August 13, 1996. Creator of a clothing line called liar.
Guy #1 : Do you even know who Geneva Ayala is???

Guy #2 : Yeah she got a clothing line called liar.
by basedoverloras December 10, 2019
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To put a foreign object in restaurant food and file a complaint. From the Wendy's incident in which Anna Ayala claimed to have found a finger in the chili and sued. It turned out her husband's coworker lost a finger in an accident, and gave the missing digit to Anna. She got 9 years in prison for fraud.
When I went on one of my big bike rides, I decided to stop for lunch. I saw someone put some unidentifiable object in a carton of fries and made a scene. I thought, "what an Anna Ayala"!
by BayAreaBiker2008 July 24, 2009
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