The most funniest person sometimes could be a b*tch sassy sometimes sweet also a soft girl who makes fun of tiktok and throws shade on every tiktok girl
Aya would you do tiktok one day
''Hell naw'' yee haw
by Yolotiktokgirl June 24, 2019
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Aya is the most wonderful girl you will ever meet. She has a hard outside shell that tends to be salty but when you break through, she’s the sweetest, most creative person ever. She’s beautiful, unique and has a bomb singing voice.
Aya is soooo good at drawing right?!
by Smolrat October 23, 2020
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a short person. aya is weird and parties in SOUTH DAKOTA (not deigo) shes cool except that she steals benches from homeless people. she also thinks that hamster cruelty is ok when its NOT
basically shes a short person who will kill u in ur sleep :)

2: aya: ch-ch-charlie brown

by haha3 February 02, 2009
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definitely ghetto, i mean, nothing is more ghetto than this bitch. She tries to be black but, all she can be, is asian, she tries to be white, she gets asian, her adress is 534 Pelican Lawn Trailer Park. MMM-HMM. 'nuff said.
Guy: "whoa, is she black?!"
Guy2: " girl, you trippin' she ain't black."
Guy: "you right, but we ain't white, we ain't white, we definitely ain't white, break it down now."
Aya butts in,
Guy2: " nah, this shit ain't right."
by dubled's December 21, 2011
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an extremely vain person who will call you vain as an escuse for being vain
AYA: zain...your vain..
ZAIN: no:$
by zeny donnfingg blup blup March 31, 2005
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If you ever come across an Aya in your life, never become friends with her/him. They will give you bad vibes 24/7. If you somehow are very close with an Aya, then take them to the Sahara Desert and leave them there.
Boy 1: Yo have you heard of that Aya over there?
Boy 2: Yeah she's so annoying!
via giphy
by Ayas Suck PP November 08, 2019
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