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Aya is the most beautiful girl around. She radiates purity and is the most innocent person on the planet ahead of newborn babies. She has brown hair and is kinda short but you love that style. She also has the body of a goddess doesn't she? She can lift your spirits no matter the kind of day you've had. Hell, someone in your family could die, but her holding you would soothe the pain. She is extremely intelligent and probably taught you all you know for that stupid English essay you were about to mess up. She wants you to succeed and will help you as much as she can. You probably tell your friends how much you love her all the time. You should probably ask her out, hell you should propose to her already! Put a ring on that finger you idiot!
You - Man, I love Aya. She's the greatest thing to ever happen to me.
Your friends - Ask her out already then!
You - I'll do it eventually.
by JustaDude21 June 23, 2018

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