A person who is a totaly hypocritical follower of Jesus Christ. Someone who when you try to get close to will blame you for all her trouble. And don't try to text her, she'll take everything you say the complete wrong way, and then you'll be in fights every other day! Then she'll complain and tell your other friends, that you did something wrong, and turn them against you... All the while hitting on all the other guys you like. And sleeping with as many as she can along the way.
Text: Omg, guess what happened?
Aya: Why does everything ALWAYS have to be about you?
text: I'm sorry... What's up?
Aya: Nothing.
Text: How are you?
Aya: Good
Text:... Guess what?
by sarah.lily.clavier January 24, 2010
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She smell like ass and garbage. Her breath pushes you 50 feet away. When she shakes her hair, lice gets in your eye. Throw a frebreeze bottle at her
by Sulmpbeat April 18, 2018
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She is eveil like an aya
by cryoschrome February 27, 2019
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she is an untrustworthy bitch/slut who will cheat on just about anybody.
Oh my god the new girl is such an aya, she's cheated on her last 3 boyfriends.
by Zukary24 March 13, 2016
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Aya is a gorgeous girl

She is amazing
very fun to be around and is an all around lovely person
“Aya can you watch the kids?”

Aya: “yes mom”

Other kids would tell their momsno I’m busy” but Aya is a kind person who was willing to help
by Pigeonssuck! May 28, 2020
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She is something different. She is something no one has ever seen. She can be seen alone, but thats the choice she made. Her friends want to be with her, but she prefers to be alone. Shes unique, smart, talented, funny, and most of all beautiful. Every guy would love to be with her, but she only has room in her heart for her one true love.
person #1: Have you seen Aya?
person #2: Yeah, she was by herself eating lunch.
person #1: Thats nothing new.

person #2: She looked gorgeous though.

person #1: Of course she did! she always does!
by Yourtypicalfriend:) February 05, 2020
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An amazing girl who likes to keep up with trends. She can be really nice if your her friend, but never make fun of any of her friends because you'll get it. She cared about way to many people and may forget about her own well being sometimes, so if you know an Aya help her take time for herself... and you'd better be on her good side XD Oh yeah.. also not the best speller... and usually are pretty dramatic, but they can also be composed.
Person 1: HA, ur so bad at math
ME:... yeah I am tho...
ME: I- okey... ty then
by hiiiiiiiiiii:) July 20, 2020
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