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A beautiful young woman who is kind at times and a total back stabbing bitch in ours. She is insecure and tries to be friends with everyone. The only goal she has in life is to be loved and she never notices the actually people who do. A very funny girl when she doesn't even try but when she does it's depressing. She all round amazing but once in a while need a friend to stick up for her and don't get me wrong is very strong to physically and mentally also she need someone to call her beautiful and amazing
You are lucky to have a Ay'jah!!!
by Bigboitch June 16, 2017
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Ayjah is a beautiful, smart, intelligent young lady. Ayjah is a sweet girl with a bubbly personality. Ayjah is slim thick. She has nice curves and bomb tits She’s bold, very determined, and has a carefree spirit. If she wants something she’ll go for it! She is loyal, and never cheats. Ayjah is very sexually active. And is INSANELY great in bed. If you don’t have an Ayjah. Well you missing out !
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by Ayy❤️ June 15, 2018
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this a beautiful, cute and realistic girl. she is very rare and unique, she means a lot to everyone. she has a twin called dshae. Ayjah is a funny and loveable girl, she is also very sweet hearted and a boy called bailey likes her but she is too good for him.
woooww did you see Ayjah today

yehhh omgg she is soo beautiful
by lana kader May 18, 2018
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