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A fine ass boy (usually light skinned) who plays basketball, and has a fine booty. Axaviers are also usually attracted to white girls although not admitting it. Axaviers are usually very kind hearted and caring about all the women in their lives. This brings up another point, usually Axaviers are very beloved and wanted by all the women who come in contact with an Axavier. Axaviers are amazing cuddlers and are proven to make any girl un controllably smile. If you are an Axavier here are some signs a girl likes you:

1. She is white
2. She always looks at you, or says hello, etc., when she sees you walk by.
3. She will always smile at you no matter what you do.
4. She will usually try to sit next to you at a party, school, lunch, work.
And if she does all these things, take a chance and ask her out. Because girls who are this determined to get your attention are rare.
Did you see Axavier at last nights game?
Yeah he did a back flip and dunked the ball in the last three seconds. He's so fine.
by Tgodwiz December 20, 2014
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