Simultaneously both awkward and awesome; being perfectly comfortable with yourself while also being uncomfortable. Also relates to situations.
Jenner, Lizzie, and Amber were always so nervous on first dates that they drank themselves into a stupor, though it made things uncomfortable and at times resulted in "fail," they all loved the stories they could share from the amazing nights that they had and basked in being mutually awksome friends.
by Amber Demure December 15, 2010
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Something that is said or done that makes you feel both awkward and awesome at the same time.
Creating a master plan that is "fool proof" and then suddenly the plan is followed through. That's awksome.
by Pajjili January 30, 2011
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An event that is both awkward and awesome at the same time.
Watching young kids and/or old people fall down the stairs is pretty awksome.
by kirupa March 6, 2013
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your ninja turtle dress and matching leggings are mad awksome.

This party with 3 people and sweet salsa dancing is mad awksome
by Peter Jo June 3, 2007
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the perfect balnce involving the fusion of incredible awesomeness and awkwardness.
*awkward silence*
dude!youre totally awksome!
by blank7121 January 4, 2012
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Something that is awesome and awkward at the same time.
Dude, see that girl? She's so awksome..I want to be her best friend.
by awkawkawkawkawkawkawk October 13, 2010
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