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Guy who is akward as a kid but grows up to be a badass, are average height, have freaking weird hair, tend to be artistic or musical
Man that guy is such a freaking AVRY!
by Germ-X November 22, 2009
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a girl with a steel vagina (aka steel magnolia) who will someday publish a top-selling kinky sex book.
Avry needs a new net mouthpiece. She crushed it in her steel vagina.

"I took pole-dancing lessons this weekend." "That's so Avry!"
by mostawesomeroomieever September 14, 2009
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A girl who may seem nice at first, but is a completely different person. You become close friends with her, and suddenly she just ignores you. Typically selfish people, that will only get along with people who care less about themselves. Avrys can act all innocent, but then be backstabbers. They lie, and fake things. Not only selfish, but always trying to be better than others.

" A person like Avry, of course"
by Yaaaaaaaaaah December 08, 2017
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A sweet sensitive guy who is so sweet he plays guitar and sings best part he writes his own music he cares for any girl he is dating even if it’s a long distance relationship any girl would be lucky to be with him just looking in his eyes would make you lost his voice is so soft and his laugh is so adorable
Avry a guy that cares
by Heyo what’s up June 24, 2018
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A girl that’s sweet around innocent people, but can be a badass around others. Tends to be popular and have guys coming for her. She’s always innocent around her parents, but knows way to much. She’s sassy with a good since of style. She gets annoyed super easy by other people and moves on without gossiping. She is super into makeup and clothes.
Avry walked down the runway with a beautiful Chanel dress on.
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by Reagon🌺 October 21, 2018
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