a pop star who claims to be punk. she doesn't write her own music, doesn't play an instrument, and is a horrible singer.
by ro May 11, 2003
winner of the Hot Topic national "Customer of the year" award. For five years running.
And this year, our customer of the year award goes to...*Drum roll*...Ahh crap, her again...
by Neil March 19, 2005
Avril lavigne, a singer from canada who has an AMAZING voice, and plays the guitar, piano and the drums, not punk, she never claimed to be.
Loser: Avril u suck

Av: Well then get lost......
by skd August 4, 2005
A horrible singer. She thinks she's a hardass, but she's a cunt. No, you're not a rocker, you're a chach! She ruined the great Metallica's Fuel. People think she's hot too, but she isn't. And she has bad BO.
by Spartans! December 6, 2004
music artist, wears Hot Topic clothing/thrift stores, sings punk-pop just like Good Charolette & New Found Glory, spells Skater & Boy wrong.
Avril Lavinge sings.
by animal luva July 30, 2003