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A somewhat tall male. Great in bed with a nice sized penis. A very smart, talented, outgoing, and loyal person. Overall one of the greatest people you will meet. But can also be very nonchalant.
dance sex cool decent smile Avonte is very attractive
by Snappleappl3 October 27, 2013
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A pussy little bitch who is too scared to ask the girl that he really likes to be his girlfriend.But he never has a chance with her anyways. Avonte has never had a girlfriend before or his first kiss so what makes him think that a girl as hot as her would ever go out with him. And he should know that she will never date but he still won't stop talking about her
Guy 1: She would never go out with someone like YOU
Avonte: I know
by Guywhoknowsavonte October 01, 2016
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A somewhat tall male with an extremely microsocopic penis. Is also horrible in bed and usually has Gauneria. Suffers from penis shrinkage when with a woman. Usaually mistaken for a woman.
Hey i saw Bob in the locker room, i swear he's an Avonte.
by buttmonkeyturdbeast March 01, 2010
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