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pronounced (Av-uh-late-ing) Similar to PMS but can happen in guys and girls. Where there is no vaginal bleeding there are mood swings and constant mood changes. Mostly predominate in Hispanic populations. Avilating seems to occur most often when an individual is outside of their most common element such as but not limited too: working overtime, day trades and talking to white people (if the person that is avilating is indeed Hispanic) Symptoms include constant fear that the man is trying to bring you down or screw you over some how, bitchiness, cramps and sometimes the occasional cold sweat. There are no cures for avilating you just have to hope that person goes away eventually.
Chad: "I'm going to need you to help out today with rotation."
Gus: "Why is it you guys are always fucking with me hommie?"
Chad: "Are you avilating today?"
by rumpranger82erer April 29, 2011
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