A now deceased Swedish DJ and music artist, most likely died from a drug overdose due to him dying at 28
Man! did you hear that Avicii is dead?
Yeah man it sucks, at least we still have his music
by Rickinator April 21, 2018
A Swedish Douchebag who makes sickarse tunes bro
Avicii needs to wake up me up earlier! Levels is a brilliant song yo
by tikmk2 December 5, 2013
A 44 star hypixel skywars player who has over 25k wins with the pyro kit. All he does it place fire & lava and then just runs around the map until his enemies burn to death, or the game ties. He has the skills of a 4 star, but he runs a marathon every game which allows him to win.
Person 1: Have you ever met Aviciis in game?
Person 2: Yeah, that guy is an absolute bot who abuses pyro kit.
by scyuins May 13, 2021
When a person tries to make themselves sound cool in a public chat or comment section in a way where they appear to be lying.
You wrestle alligators and run a fight club; what are you, Avicii's cousin?
by ZaynaKitty October 14, 2017
To get so drunk you’re about to die.
Buddy 1: yo fam let’s get mad wasted today
Buddy 2: you wanna pull an avicii bro?
Buddy 1: hell yeah
by TheFuehrer April 21, 2018