The act of cruising around in a Chevy Avalanche with the mid gate down, the sun roof open, all the windows down, and the music blasting. A fun activity.
Guy 1: Where's that music comming from?

Guy 2: Oh that's just Ruj Avalanching.

Guy 1: Aww, I wish I had his life!
by Lacoste Lauren October 09, 2011
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When a man is having sex at the top of a flight of stairs then spits on the females back then when she turns around you blow it in her face then spartan kick her down the stairs and yell avalanche.
Yo, dude what happened last night I heard someone fall down the stairs? Yeah dude I gave that girl The avalanche
by jimbeaner June 25, 2011
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When you have sex with a white woman at the top of a staircase, and when you finish, you push her down the stairs
Ohhh man, I heard Butch gave Cindy an avalanche, Thats why her legs are broken!
by Dizzle Master D October 04, 2005
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Occurs when you are chatting in a text message box in any IM format and you or the other person lags, the person or persons you are speaking to appears to have completely stopped talking or have DC/ed, then suddenly all of their last series of lines come scrolling up on the screen in rapid succession like an avalanche. Hence the name.
While I was IMing Killer last night I thought he was dead or asleep because he hadn't responded to my last five lines but then suddenly, I got an avalanche of his 20 lost responses.
by adelews December 17, 2007
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When you cum in a girls mouth, and she pretends to spit it out. Then snowballs you( spits the cum in your mouth)
That sneaky women gave me an Avalanche
by Andrew848266 February 13, 2008
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An act of Corprophelia in which one deficates at the highest point of a partner's body, that being the top of the head or shoulders, the goal being to create an avalanche of piping hot fecal matter down said partner's body.
George Bush is totally "avalanching" the American people.

by Scatman Crothers February 01, 2007
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