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Pitch-correction software that's been plaguing the music industry, mainly pop and hip-hop. Was created in the late 90's, and the first song to use it was Cher's hit "Believe". It was a novelty back then, but as time went on and talentless hacks like T-Pain have made the practice of drowning their voices in it popular, it's now both extremely overused and also allows pretty much any random schmuck to have a hit song in no time.
T-Pain uses so much Auto-Tune that he sounds like a freakin' robot now.
by AnimeGirl375 May 21, 2011
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Pitch correction software specifically for vocals that makes up for a lack of natural singing talent. 90% or more of all "professional" recordings use this software.
An extreme example is that horrific Cher song from a few years back, and the Kid Rock song where is voice is all fucked up. Used in moderation it can hardly be heard except by a trained ear.
Remember before autotune, when singers could actually sing?


Man, that chick sings so bad not even autotune can fix it.
by BennyW February 01, 2007
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that thing rappers use nowadays that makes you sound like a robot going through puberty. first developed for the mining industry as a way to find oil wells fossils coal and metal deposits underground it was later introduced to music by cher in her song "believe". it was made popular during the boy band phenomenon especially by N*sync I guess they figured if they couldn't make them genuinely sound good that a robot gargling was almost as good.
Kanye west: I'm such a musical genius.
Kanye east: let's see you sing without autotune,then.
Kanye west: fuck
by masteroffire October 19, 2012
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The means by which average people can become godly singers instantly. No musical knowledge is required, just loop a beat and sing away!
My sister let out the tarzan jungle call. I autotuned it and it sounded like ke$ha.
by ThatGuyOverThere2 April 25, 2010
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an evil device invented by the music industry to correct the vocal pitch of other wise talentless pop stars.

Me: fuck those fake Auto-Tune bitches...
by gayboyfresh August 07, 2010
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