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When the auto-correct feature on your iPod Touch or iPhone tries to correct your spelling, but instead changes it to words that just dont make sense with what you're typing.
JR: Hey what time should i come?
Victor: I dont know... Are you busty all evening?


by hurtadaa September 23, 2010
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The worst thing in the history of man. When your iPad, iPhone, or other devices with autocorrect built in changes a word to something that doesn't make sense.
I heard mom got stung by a few bees this morning, is she ok??? Hospital???
She's ok now. No hospital. She had to take the deep penis.
Uhhhhh... What?
I had to inject her with an EPIC PENIS. Oh for Christ's sake, this auto incorrect. Epi Pen
by old handle July 06, 2014
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When the auto-correct feature on thy mobile telephone fails to complete its task and manifests random-ass words of which make no sense at all
George: The other day I ate your moms tater tits at dinner.

Fred: What did u just say

George: TOTS TATER TOTS Damn Auto Incorrect!

George: CORRECT! Fuck!
by El Windygogo January 05, 2014
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The actual definition of autocorrect ...because it is very rarely correct.
Teen Daughter: "Hey dad, can I come over & do something with you tonight?"
Father: "Sure,what do you have in mind?"
Teen Daughter: "I was thinking of going down & sucking out your balls."
Father: "WHAT THE HELL??!!"
Teen Daughter: "OMG!! Wait! Dad no!! Damned autoincorrect !!!! I meant, going down & checking out the mall"
by JenBurger July 10, 2016
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n. A smartphone's (esp. one with a touch screen keyboard) ability to mangle slang terms or abbreviations.
John: Wait a minute, What? Bill had a baby?!? His text reads "Come to my baby party next Tuesday!"

Sarah: He obviously has his AutoINcorrect on, I think he meant to say "Come to my B-DAY party next Tuesday!" Stupid Iphone.
by DBBrooklyn January 19, 2010
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When the "Autocorrect" feature chooses incorrectly and changes your typing to a word you did not intend.
Autoincorrect (noun): The typing feature that invariably changes your intended word to something incorrect.
Autoincorrect, -ed, -ing (verb): The action of the "autocorrect" feature changing your typing to an incorrect word.
That word got autoincorrected!
That was an autoincorrect fail!
by FireWater! January 05, 2017
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When your typing something correctly and you're phone changes it to make it wrong.
We we're sending a text message and autoincorrect changed it.
Autoincorrect can go to he'll.
by awmm November 05, 2018
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