Australia. A place I love and adore. And miss a great deal after having been away from my great country for almost 3 years. I live in Seattle, USA, and can see the contrast between this country and my own: Australians are the most relaxed, laid back people in the world. Nothing phases an Australian and there are times I wish Americans would take a deep breath and relax, and perhaps realize being friendly will get you so much more in life than being selfish. Granted, Johnnie Howard seems to play the game of "Bush Says" a little too often, but there's not the sense of paranoia that exists here. Having grown up in Australia too, I live for the beach and summer. Give me 40C days, I'm in heaven. And of course... Vegemite toast, my favourite food.
Australia: sunshine, the beach, my home.
by MovingOn November 20, 2005
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australia is a great country with a diverse culture. good friendly people, good at almost every sport and one of the highest standards of living. nothing like america where they dont even have a proper health system.
australia spends thier money on important things like; education, health and employment where as america spends most of thier money on the military.

america is not such a great counrty.
by Weepin August 19, 2005
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A kickass country/continent in the south pacific. Population of about twenty million. Has been lived on for many thousands of years. First by aboriginal people until the British arrived in the late 1700's and used the land for convict settlement BUT is now one of the most satisfied countries on earth and many many people come from all over the world to see its well known monuments, culture and people.
DUDE lets go to Australia this summer!
by Miep August 22, 2006
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The continent which provides the best defense from the rest of the world in the the board game, "Risk". Controlling this continent provides the owner with two extra armies at the beginning of his/her turn. This strategy is also called the "stoner strategy", because some players chill in the corner of the world building up their massive, ass-reaming army until they decisively unleash it upon an unsuspecting world. Australia is best defended by placing all armies in the country, "Siam" which is the only entrance to the continent.
Dude, you just took Australia. You asshole.
by fuegofuego December 25, 2009
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the greatest country in the world. kick ass in sport, hot guys and girls, great shopping, life is laid back and basically quite peacefull. kinda like america without all the driveby shootings, cheerleaders, abercrombie and dunkin donuts. home to the hottest people in the world as we r the most multicultural nation with every race on the planet. so basically alot of people r mixed up and therefore very exotic looking. also thanks to the sun, everyones skin goes 1 to 2 shades darker and their hair goes 1 to 2 shades lighter.
no we do not catch kangaroos to work and school, koalas and wallabys r not in our backyards either. just like u dont see bald eagles on ure front porch. home to hot mixed people, and kickass sports! australia rox!
by aussie and proud of it! April 17, 2006
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A mostly great and beautiful land of generally intelligent people who are not racist. As has already been stated, Australians have a friendly rivalry going with New Zealand. However, despite the sheep jokes the "fish and chips" bit there is a fondness for New Zealand behind it all. Despite Australia's image being "tarnished" recently, Australia will be able to hold her head high when little Johnny retires. The problem is, however, there is no alternative government to vote for.

Despite sentiments to the contrary, Australian society as a whole is not that racist. Hell, there are so many cultures living in Australia aren't there, you are bound to have a few tensions from time to time. I think it is important that people realise only a minority of Australians are racist thugs. The rest, are great people.
Australia is not perfect but then, where is?
by Paul Ward July 22, 2006
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The best country ever with the best people and, most of all, the best Cricket team. The best game comes from there (Aussie Rules) and nobody (other than the english cricketers that they always flog in the ashes) hates Australia
AMERICAN: Dude, I wish I lived in Australia because they are all epic
KIWI: Nah, they just stole our fush and chups
AUSSIE: Mate, we didn't steal it, we just re-invented it and gave it the correct pronunciation
by BMX Hazza April 01, 2013
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