Someone from Austria. Often confused with Aussie (someone from Australia)
by Maddness December 30, 2014
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a guy from Australia
(ausies are the sickest cunts in the world)
"whats that guy smoking"
"Dont worry hes just an ausie there all crazy
by pet pet April 25, 2008
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A kiss "Down Under" which is the slang term for australia hence Ausie kiss
anyone from down under gives a good ausie kiss
by tman3a4 April 21, 2006
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This is a anime character that is from MHA (my hero academia) it is a very popular anime show that young teens watch. They have a frog quirk and are sweet and nice to their team mates. They are a great sister and amazing friend!
Person: oh hey! Whos that?

Me: tsuyu ausi!

Person: cool!
by Swaggest_trans_whore June 2, 2021
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