Aura is a bitch. A loveable one but still a bitch. She gets excited when you say you like her as a friend (like way too excited) and has really high standards for significant others.
Aura:do you like me? As a friend?
Me: yh? Why?
by Chill.wish_ December 16, 2019
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Aura to be a total bitch.Nobody likes this person.This also the name of stroller brand.This person is very ugly and looks like a rat she always fakes crying loudly so others .Get in trouble.This person is likely to get killed.
That bitch is so Aura.
Nobody likes you because your just like Aura
by RealisticV November 28, 2014
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Aura is a dumb whore who likes to cap, she has shit colored brown hair, her skin looks like voldemort,she reeks like bacteria on a fungi, speaking of fungi she likes to have fun with guys and girls, she classifies as pansexual, and her gooch is a second vagina that was sewn up.
hey you heard of aura?
yeah i heard shes a dumb cappin whore
true fam
by Skadouchecunt October 02, 2019
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1. The act of proselitizing from the anal foramen; short for oral-anal: often referred to as speaking out of one's butt or talking out your ass.
2. An act of customer communication marked by extreme balderdash pioneered and perfected by the senior director of a La Jolla, CA airline software company.
Unable to communicate in an intelligible and polite manner, Gerry Booth often shoved his point down their throat with bizarre aura.
by Bollux R. Daft July 03, 2003
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The last jedi that has modified his jimmy to look bigger, while it's smaller that it ever was. He is the lord of sexiness and he is described only by a bunch a sexy dead girls from the graves.
Auras is a pornstar, his jimmy is even bigger than ∞. Johnny Sins is a small child compared with Auras
Auras can touch his jimmy without having one!
via giphy
by Hucar December 09, 2018
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sucks people off and claims to have only kissed them only goes for older blokes who’s name begins with G
wow aura did you really suck george’s bippy
by bippy November 04, 2019
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