um yes. this is the one and only woman who graces the label of many a syrup bottle. she is almost always shown with a bowl full of a batter she seems to be mixing. she has become a sort of cult figure, with many references made to her in movies and television series.
wow. these waffles are dry. we need some aunt jemima up in here.
by nth January 24, 2006
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a black woman who "kisses up" to whites; a "sellout"; the female counterpart to Uncle Tom.
Keisha: 'Quanda! Ever since you got that job you've been lettin those white people walk all over you!
LaQuanda: Whateva girlfriend, a girl gotta get paid, right?
Keisha: Aunt Jemima please, you aint foolin nobody. You's black!
by PCone November 14, 2009
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The troll of all trolls on the TeenHut forums.

Just like all trolls, he drops the F-bomb in just about every other sentence. This is a pathetic attempt to make him appear "t0tally hardc0ar on teh interwebz."

His most profound traits are putting others down (cuz he is teh r0x0rz n iz flawlezz), and replying to threads saying "Great, another thread nobody gives a fuk about" because he can now speak on behalf of over 6 billion people. /lolsarcasm

It is unclear as to why the mods even allow him to stick around. The theory is that he gets to stay because he stole his name from the syrup lady (and nobody can resist syrup, amirite?).
Poster 1: "So, I hear Korea is trying to kill us all."
Aunt Jemima: "Nobody gives a fuk."
Poster 2: "I do, and I'm sure you won't be thinking that when you're in thirty-two pieces. Then again..."
by MrsButterworth June 19, 2009
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An ounce of Whiskey (jim beam) and an ounce of Aunt Jemima pancake syrup. Nicely fills a tall 2oz shot glass. Stir well. Do shot. Do not chase.
Bill Diesel and Foley just did Aunt Jemimas!
by Bill Diesel, Foley, Nick April 08, 2005
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A term used for reserveing front seat status in a vehicle. Counter to rosa parks which outranks shot gun and various other forms of front seat reservation.
John called shot gun but I threw out a Aunt Jemima to counter it.
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