He might be a jerk sometimes but it's only when he feels threatened. He is actually very cool calm and collected intelligent and outgoing. He loves politics and talking about the future having ing dreams is important. He will always have your back and you can count on him when all else fails.
August is a bit weird but it's all a show he's awesome
by ,...., ....... May 21, 2020
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Dick head that pours chocolate milk on your shoes after throwing them in the trash
August has no friends and tries to be cool.
by Bapekid June 12, 2018
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Beautiful strong girl. Loves to listen to music and doesn’t put up with anyone’s shit. Is a great independent girl but wants to share with someone but can’t find anyone that is able to handle her crazy no polar fun ass . Is great full for everything she got but still fights for more on her own time . Doesn’t care about any stupid or teacher that annoys her she will slap the shit outta someone. Looks for someone that can be supportive and has a big dick so suck hers she’s beautiful and sweet and crazy all I need in a good girlfriend. Caution will cut ur dick off.
August is crazy
by Bubble red July 03, 2018
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Those who feel that they are superior to others. Members of a dynasty that feel the only way to get attention is through cheating, loud acts.
All of those "August" are such tools. They always think their on top, when in reality they are not so cool.
by cgismyhero November 13, 2009
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She is a very hot person with a awesome personality. She is the perfect girl and lesbian lover. She likes Canada things just not maple.

She started "ayeeee" and is the founder of stupid/silly ideas.
August : "Aye! What if when you did you become the person you hate"

Others: *sigh*
by Callie hunter June 17, 2014
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August looks like a quiet, lovable nerd, but when you get to know her you find out immediately that you have joined a cult. She is positively insane and will not be afraid to verbally slay you. Her best quality is her thoughtfulness. She will always remember your birthday and get everyone to sign the handmade card she made for you. She will decorate your locker with streamers and make a bigger deal out of it than you ever wanted but you love her for it. She is an altogether amazing person and you are lucky to have her in your life.
Is that August?

Person 1: ahh! Stay away!
Person 2: what do you mean, she’s so quiet
Person 3: bows down and praises their god
by Marshmeloof January 28, 2020
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