August 15 is the best day.Who was born at this year you’re funny, crazy ,skinny, tall and sexy.
Guy: Her birthday is in August 15? No wonder she’s sexy!!
by Reema_123 November 4, 2019
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Your stupid crackhead friend was born in this day so go hug em
You: hey it’s my birthday

Friend: August 15th?
You: ya and I’m a crackhead ay
Friend: *hugs you*
by XThedooristhereX November 2, 2019
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when baddies are born . Bahaha I’m playing , we crackheads need to uNite
oMg it’s august 15
whAts August 15?
bAddie cRackHeads need to Unite
by bAddie😗😗 November 14, 2019
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The people born on this day are extremely sexy and kind.
Its august 15th?
Yeah it's Melissa's birthday, I love that sexy beast
by Daisiesfield October 15, 2019
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This Is the day in which girls/boys get to grab eachother ass don’t let the teachers catch you now
by Lanaeee August 14, 2019
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this is the day when the dumbest bitch was born. she is a dumbass but everyone loves her anyway
Matt: today's august 15!

Emma: oh really? that's my birthday!
Matt: uh...
by user815 October 19, 2019
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August 15th is the day that the most wonderful person in the world was born. They’re incredibly seggsy and deserve all of the kisses. They’re super swag even though they’re a leo (ew).
Ava: Happy birthday!
Angel: My birthday was on August 15, you’re three months late.
by capriizun November 24, 2021
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