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A kind hearted female that enjoys to party. This female usually gets bored easily, so if your in a relationship with her, keep it fresh & exciting. Shes the type of person who won't hesitate to leave if she's feeling unloved.if she wants something she gets it! She may act tough but shes actually really soft hearted. She's a strong believer in karma, so she treats people the way she wants to be treated.....if you get to meet her your lucky, but be careful she's poison.
If Someone pisses audriana off...she doesn't get revenge she just waits for karma to fuck you up.
by Lijeen February 05, 2012
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A short beautiful woman (in side and out), loves people and very kind hearted, but can be stubborn at times.

Sweet and real and very loyal

and loves to make people laugh
Audriana is so sweet she just gave that kid a piece of candy...wait...did she just take it she was trading
by selady March 30, 2010
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She is usally A Tall Beautiful brunette Girl Who has a blonde best friend and is only nice to friends who Dont start stuff she can be Nice when she wants on the outside although in the inside she is Not the same she only says the truth about people she dislikes to her best friend she is the one who controls the friendship in a way she is a really athletic girl outside of school who enjoys having friends from online and loves nutella she can be the good one in the relationship or the shy one depending on the guys personality so you better treat her well
by ThenamesofAMS August 28, 2017
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