An adjective desribing one or more people who intend on leaving a particular place. Audi's model 5000 sedan was plagued with a problem charcterized by unintended acceleration, in which drivers' complained that the vehicle lurched forward when their foot was on the brake pedal. In reality, it turned out that the acclerator and brake pedals were unusually close together. This is why Audi 5000 is associated with leaving quickly, because that is what this vehicle did when some old fartknocker hit the gas instead of the brakes.
by Big Pimp March 01, 2005
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absolutely not anything to do with the car's poor service record.

It's a homonym. I'm OUTTIE (i'm leaving), appended with the 5000 as the most popular make for the Audi car brand.

You're welcome.
"this party is wack, i'm audi 5000, G..."
by shasta HEPPPY March 09, 2016
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Leaving a scene or situation in a hurry. It is sometimes mistakenly referred to as "outtie 5000," perhaps in reference to the "out," as used in two-way radio communication.
Example: Terminating an unbearable chat session on a dating website.

lamedude1990:hEY GurRL, WaTss GuD?

lamedude1990:sOrry Bout mY TYpIn, BeEN HufFiN DEM PaiNT FuMES alL DaY LOLllL


lamedude1990:yEs, SerIoUsly.


annoyedgirl1979: Audi 5000.
by beanmssw February 01, 2010
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Slang for "Outtah here." Which is slang for "I'm getting out of here." "Or I'm leaving." Rap culture sign off in which the recording artist is being braggadocious about what he/she is driving when they leave the scene. The Audi 5000 was a popular luxury car of the time. This coupled with the fact that "Audi" sounds like "Outtah." A pun if you will.
This song is over. I'm Audi 5000, G.
by prefix270 August 08, 2007
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Short for "Audi", which is short for "Outie", which is short for "Outta here", which is short for "I'm out of here", which is short for "I'm leaving".
As we left Tyronne's house, we told his sister Juantia, "We're Audi 5000"
by Super Pimp May 20, 2005
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Slang for saying "good bye my friends."
Comes from the stupidization of the phrase "We are out of here." Shortened to the less intelligible "We Audi 5000". Further stupidized to just "we audi"... will eventually become the guttural "au"
We Audi 5000...Yo... (Yo must be added.)
by Easy E. April 11, 2003
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