What you use when rating a girl, can be used when having fun with friends or when flattering a female.
Guy: Hey, use the attractiveness scale on that chick.
Guy 2: Hey, I must live in Tennessee, because you're the only 10 I see.
Girl: Have my babies.
by laserman413 September 25, 2016
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A way of rating women on their level of attractiveness, usually between 1 and 10, with 1 being horribly unattractive and 10 being insanely attractive. Women are often spoken of with their rating alone, example below.
Guy A: Man, I saw this 9/10 yesterday. Definitely caught her checking me out.

Guy B: That high on the attraction scale?

Guy A: Yeah! Maybe even a 10!
by xMillzee September 29, 2016
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The scale with which guys rate women on physical apperance, typically using the numbers 1-10
Guy 1: What is she on the female attractiveness scale
Guy 2: Bro she's a pi, cause them legs not stopping
by OGAsshatJenkins September 1, 2016
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A 1-10 scale typically used by men to rate the attractiveness of a woman based on her physical features such as face, body, boobs, ass etc. with 1 being VERY ugly and 10 being VERY hot. If a woman had an ugly face but a really nice ass or vice versa, she would be considered around a 6. The better the features, the higher on the scale they are.
I've just seen a 7 in McDonalds. Amazing ass and boobs but face uglier than a rat.

The Female Attractiveness Scale
by Aukes August 28, 2016
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Mostly used on 4chan during greentext stories, it can be used to rate how attractive a female is.
An ugly female would be a 1/10, and a hot female would be 9 or 10 out of 10.
"That whoman's Female attractiveness scale is 10!"
"Dude, that's barely 8/10. And why are you talking like that?"
by September 26, 2016
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Simply put, a universal scale use to describe to your friends how attractive a person is, usually whilst recounting a story. The scale only ranks up to 9/10, since perfection is never achieved. 'Bonus Points' can be awarded if the person in question has certain qualities that you yourself find attractive.

The ranking is as follows.
1) Hideous
There is literally nothing on this godforsaken planet that could even make you want to hug the subject. NOTHING.
2) Ugly
This is rock bottom. If you wake up in bed next to a 2/10, consider leaving the country.
3) Quite bad
You might, but ONLY if you were either thirteen pints in, or incredibly desperate.
4) Underwhelming
Maybe the subject has eyes slightly far apart, but otherwise isn't really that bad.

5) Average
Base standard. Based on looks alone, there's nothing wrong with the subject. Nothing AMAZING, but certainly nothing wrong.
6) Reasonably attractive
This subject is cute. You wouldn't go out of your way to find them on Facebook, but you would turn to your mates, pull a 'Not Bad' face and nod in acknowledgement
7) Pretty fit
The subject is pretty. Maybe has a few orbiters, at that.

8) Beautiful

Subject is really gonna go far with that face of their's. Potential model or actor/actress?
9) Gorgeous
This is - at base value - the highest ranking that one person can get.

The subject is a solid 9/10, but also has a certain quality that appeals to you. Be it temperament, physical looks or maybe kink-appeal.
Jennifer: Ooooooh, gurl, check out that fireman over there (or something like that), how would you put him on the 1-10 Attractiveness Scale? He is a straight up 9/10!
Stacey: Yeah, but I like guys in uniform, that puts him up to a 10/10 for me!

Both girls proceed to continue their coffees, watching the apartment block across from them burn to the ground, in pure admiration of the firecrew.
by "Soap" Mactavish October 1, 2016
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the 1-10 attractiveness scale is a symmetrical density curve in which the mean is 5. As you move further away from the mean (5), fewer and fewer people meet those numbers. Thus, that 10 you're looking for is really just as rare as you think.
Greg: yo, where does Cathie fall on the 1-10 attractiveness scale?

Bill: Honestly, she's one in a million, gotta be an 8.
by hobbitswithtophats September 15, 2016
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