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The act of cumming in your hand and splatting it on someone else, most notably the forehead or back, all the while shouting out 'atoooommmmmmmmmm BOMB!'.
1) That bitch pissed me off so I went to the bathroom and jerked off in my hand, and gave her an atom bomb.
by metal fingerz April 10, 2009
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A weapon developed by the Americans during WWII and under research by other countries including Germany. The weapon is classified as either a Gun type or implosion type.

Gun type weapons are unreliable and do not provide a large blast, therefor rendering it obsolete. Though it is easier to make. The process includes accelerating a neutron(s) into a ball of Fissionable material and inducing a nuclear Fission reaction.

Implosion type weapons are in current use, though, not much, they detonate explosives around a ball of Fissionable material and create immense pressure which induces nuclear Fission. They generally have a higher blast effect.

The Atom bomb was deployed twice at Nagasaki and Hiroshima to end WWII. Though, their use is still hotly debated today. Atom bombs have become very obsolete since the development of Hydogen bombs, Cobalt bombs, and then Thermonuclear warheads.

The Japanese surrender! The atom bomb worked!
by CommandoDude February 07, 2008
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1) Shooting heroin while stoned
2) Using any opiate in combination w/ marijuana.

Abreviation: a-bomb
A-bombs are the shit
by mike March 19, 2004
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when girl is giving head and you thrust ur cock down her throat and she throws up there for thrusting her head back and her head looks like the final cloud of smoke of a atom bomb.
by DReW rapoport May 28, 2008
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Verb;To Atom Bomb

Noun; The Atom Bomb (as in the state of ones hands during the gesture.)

1. The act of lacing ones two sets of fingers together and thrusting it forward towards another individuals anus.

2. An advanced fisting technique in which one may suffer severe anal tearing.
Carrot boy: (yelling about fisting manuevers) Two at once! Two at Once! Left, right, left, right! ATOM BOMB!!!!

The boy engaged in risky sexual behavior with two other males, M&D, and used to ATOM BOMB on them.
by The Bad in BAMF July 31, 2008
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