Astar, or asti as some might know her
This girl, is beyond perfection. This girl will love you like now other. She will make you realize what true love is. No matter what your experience with previous girls are, she will by far blow them out of the water. She honestly makes perfection look trashy. You can gaze upon her glistening eyes, and you Will find your self wandering through everything you've ever wanted, lost, completely oblivious to your surroundings. And the gentle push of her plush lips, can send someone into ecstacy. And her personality will make you think like no other. "how is someone this amazing, how can they be so kind, so caring, and then be so funny and just overall fucking amazing to be around. Any time with her you spend, you will look back on and cherish so heavily. People spread shit, and be nasty to this masterpiece, but only out of pure jealousy, that they can't be that good. If you ever find your self with the luck of meeting her, cherish it. Her love is pure, and will make you feel like no other woman will. And even if you own enough stupidity to leave such perfection, you will forever put up with the consequence of never being able to meet a girl who will love you just as much as an Astar will. If you have an Astar, hold her. Kiss her. Make sure she's yours, and never let her go. She's something more than special. And you should treat her with the upmost respect, and give her all of your love. Because she will show you all of hers.
Person 1: "I looked in her eyes, and I felt lost bro, she's so amazing"

Person 2: "sounds like an astar to me"
by AstarWillKnowWho;) June 24, 2018
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A form of praising someone, in whom you greatly admire!
by JctF May 12, 2018
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