A person who is a such a kiss up to a boss or bosses they'd go so far as to wipe their bosses ass to show their dedication
"The reason Peter got the promotion over Tom is because Peter is an Asswiper"
by Alexander Sedler October 29, 2003
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A sexual move perform after anal sex to avoid human waste on a man's penis.

The pitcher squeezes the catcher's ass cheeks together while pulling out his penis.
Guy: So last night I was buttfucking my girl. After I pullout, I had shit all over my dick. Guess she forgot to douche.

Friend: Thats easy to fix man, just do the asswiper. Its so easy a caveman can do it.
by loosetongue April 16, 2009
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There is a common misconception that an asswipe can be equated to an asshole. This is quite untrue. An asswipe simply doesn't care. This is usually carried out to such an extreme extent that the apathy brings misfortune to those around the asswipe.

The key distinction is intent. An asshole would stick his leg out to trip you, making you drop what you were carrying and bringing general harm upon you. An asswipe would never dream of tripping you, but if you did trip, he would simply watch as you struggled to collect the scattered papers you had dropped. He doesn't hurt you but would never think of lifting a finger to help. He also may laugh a little at the sight of you falling over.
Victim: "dude, you pushed me into quicksand, you asshole."
Asshole: "haha, I did."

Victim: "dude, I fell into quicksand, help me!"
Asswipe: "eh."
by Timmers1112 January 14, 2010
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1) a device that has been used to remove excrement from the anus. 2) a person who resembles in behavior, language or attitude a device used to remove excrement.
1) She used the poison ivy as an asswipe.
2) I can't believe he kicked the keg! What an Asswipe!
by Jovian August 06, 2003
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Those wet wipes in the little pop-open container that you can flush after cleaning your bum.
It’s hard to imagine how I took a really good shit back then, without my trusty asswipes!
by Dr Bunnygirl August 01, 2019
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asswipe known as toilet paper you use to wipe your ass or to blow your nose when you run out of facial tissues
because of the coronavirus asswipe is hard to get these days
by bluebear April 08, 2020
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a shithead, shitsleeve, shitbum, asshole, dickface, etc.
Yo, asswipe, get your hands off my sister!
by Shane Arnold March 29, 2005
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