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The chronic condition that occurs after deep breathing fumes from another persons nasty dump.
I went for a jog at lunch and went to change in the bathroom. Hank was in there taking a nasty crap. I was still breathing heavy and I cant stop coughing now. I think I caught a case of assthma. And I crave corn which may or may not be a related symptom.
by chronic wood January 14, 2011
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When something smells so bad it severely effects your breathing.
That girl's breath is so bad it's giving me assthma
by Assthma October 10, 2016
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When you have your head up your ass and can't breath.
He had an assthma attack cuz his head wuz up his ass and he couldn't breath...
by Big ugly November 22, 2013
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When performing oral sex on another person and being unable to breath due to how close your face is to their genitalia or anus.
Person 1: Yo dude, I was eating this chick out, and I couldn't breathe!
Person 2: So you had assthma eh? I got that rimming this guy...

Person 1: Wait, your gay?
Person 2: *you're
by TheZNeedle February 01, 2018
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