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When you get a notification on your phone while on FaceTime, and the other person on the screen can feel the vibration through the phone.
Damn Sarah! That was a huge assquake!

I know!

*Gets notification* ASSQUAKEEEEEE
by Whysipwhenyoucansuck April 04, 2017
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The result of excessive booty-clappin goodness. Rates from 5 to 9 on the richter scale. Most recent account of an 'assquake" dates to Junes 24, 2012. JeneQua Jones III "stripper name - Seductive J" was in violation of excessive booty-clappin. 3 where killed in this incident.
Guy: "dude my girlfriend gave me a lap-dance last night."
Friend: "are you kidding me? thats awesome!"
Guy: "yeah she went so hard she caused an "assquake".
by magic_d12345 July 03, 2012
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The act of lifting ones ass and releasing, causing the whole house to shake with fury.
"Oh my god we're under attack!"
"The whole house shook!"
"Is Kerryann home?"
"Yea, why?"
"It was an assquake... she's an assquaker."
"Oh I thought so."
by Mr. LunchBox December 03, 2006
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When your ass is so fat, you cause an earthquake when you sit down.
Megan caused an assquake when she sat down at lunch.
by ryzann March 07, 2016
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The kind of fart that moves soil.
Geez Gary, that ass-quake of yours had enough power to knock a seagull off a trash can!
by Jaron W. August 22, 2005
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When your in a room full of black girls and then they all start shaking their ass's on you
"Yo bro I went over my friends party and I went to go get a beer and the next thing I know there is an Ass Quake "
by JDADDY97 December 09, 2015
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a very violent expulsion of fecal matter - also called a shitquake.
if you need an example, you are truly a sick fuck.
by oddkin February 17, 2005
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