Beating somebody's ass with the broom, the shoe, or the extension cord since you have been disrespectful in a whole new way
Get your ass over here! You're about to get an Ass Whoopin boy!
by GageTheDictionaryGeek June 4, 2016
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an ass kicking so bad that you failed at defending your self
Jordan came home from school crying, a kid two grades under him gave him a major ass whoopin at recess

major ass kicking
by zolo3527 May 18, 2010
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When interracial ass beating goes down but has nothing to do with race usually its when the white kid wins
black kid: you punk ass white bitch gimme yo money
White kid: fuck you dude im not given you shit
(kids proceed to fight )
Black kid gets his ass beat *
Black kid : man he beat up cuz i was black
White kid: dude no i didn't you tried to robbed and i kicked the shit outta you, my best friend is black !
Narrator* and that is your example of an indiscriminate ass whoopin
by huggies and a high black guy November 30, 2011
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What it means is you're mighty fucking close to an ass whoopin! - BL
You son of a bitch, you are two cunt hairs away from an ass whoopin!
by BillyGoatCS January 29, 2018
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