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To destroy someone so completely in a pokemon battle that the only way to describe the destruction is to say they got ass clapped
You just handed that guy a 6-0 ass clap
by Ass Clap February 03, 2014
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when a woman is thick and her butt cheeks including muscle and fat and can move them towards and away from each other (kind resembling a clapping motion.)
I love it when you got your ass clappin' for me (with hands clapping in the background)
by CNC March 23, 2005
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making your ass clap, or the shaking of the ass, making a clapping sound
by Aren July 31, 2003
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use of the butt cheeks to make a clapping sound. The sound of buttocks slapping together.
When the home team scored the crowd was assclapping.

The girl working the pole really knows how to assclap.
by americanwerewolf September 02, 2009
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When someone gets their ass clapped/kicked in a fight.
You did you see that fight between Rodgers and Archie?

Yeah, Rodgers got an assclap!
by AnnoymousHacker666 September 05, 2018
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The clapping sound made when having rough sex, caused by balls slapping against any part of a woman during sex.
Sorry I didn't answer the phone, between that bitch moanin' and all the ass clapin' I couldn't hear it!
by Chad December 11, 2004
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n. a sound made when a girl is "twirkin"
Did you hear that ass clap Jacob told Fred when Jody was wobbldy wobbleding and dropping it likes it hot.
by Jupiter Armstrong April 16, 2004
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