To destroy someone so completely in a pokemon battle that the only way to describe the destruction is to say they got ass clapped
You just handed that guy a 6-0 ass clap
by Ass Clap February 3, 2014
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when a woman is thick and her butt cheeks including muscle and fat and can move them towards and away from each other (kind resembling a clapping motion.)
I love it when you got your ass clappin' for me (with hands clapping in the background)
by CNC March 23, 2005
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The sound made when someone super THICC walks and there ass cheeks clap together
“You know that thicc chick is coming when your here her ass clapping like a round of applause
by Clap 👏 Them 👏 Cheeks👏 December 8, 2019
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ass clapped is when you get your ass beat, but in a nonsexual way.
me: I didn't finish my homework for 1st period.
my sleep paralysis demon: broooo you're gonna get your ass clapped.
by Vanswhat February 13, 2019
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the matter of getting your butt checks clapped together in a jackhammer motion. And makes a clap.
Billy was trying to take a nap when Tom came from behind and starting ass clapping him.
by Mathew Green August 11, 2016
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The clapping sound made when having rough sex, caused by balls slapping against any part of a woman during sex.
Sorry I didn't answer the phone, between that bitch moanin' and all the ass clapin' I couldn't hear it!
by Chad December 11, 2004
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An ass-clap is the proper term for a the following action.

You see your best friend. You proceed to high-five your best friend. As your palms connect, continue on to slap your friend on the ass cheek. Proceed to bask in the awkward awesomeness.

Great for making a pass at your straight/gay teammates after a score.

Also the ultimate show of complete adjustment to your friend and the ultimate hand-shake/high-five no one dare copy.

Ambiguously Gay Friend 1: HELLZ YEAH, SCORE!!

Ambiguously Gay Friend 2: ASS-CLAP!
by lightningbaroness May 7, 2010
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