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Noun; After taking a shit and being unaware that you are out of toilet paper, your next best option is to search in the trash can next to you for any wiping material;

usually results in using:
-paper towels used previously to clean your sink
-toilet paper used to previously clean the top of the toothpaste
-previously used stridex pads
-previously used tampons wrapped up in toilet paper
-previously used tissues used to blow your nose
-the cardboard cylinder of the recently run-out toilet paper
"After eating chipotle, Mike rushed to the bathroom in order to drop his deuce. Afterwards, he realized that he was completely out of toilet paper. He then remembered his next best option: ass trash. Mike had to refer to wiping his ass with his mother's previously used vaginal pad.
by hansonpaulsey October 25, 2009
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Word used to describe something or someone as worse than trash.
“That food tastes like ass trash
“Her hair looks like ass trash”
by lolyourgirlali May 18, 2018
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the term used to describe the situation when a gay man has anal sex and semen covered feces slips out.
oh my god! look at all that ass trash floating in the pool! run!!!!
by will tremaine May 09, 2005
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One who does something just to be an asshole regardless of humor and acts like it's no big deal. They expect you not to care, but you do.
Rick: You shit on my desk! What the fuck mad disrespect man.
Steve: Yeah, I thought it would be cool.
Rick: Asstrash!
by Tom Bergeron September 30, 2009
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