Obviously when you lick someone's ass.
Person 1 "Man, she's hott! Gots a nice ass too. I wanna lick it. :)"

Person 2 "I bet you would enjoy Ass Licking, you pervert."
by AssLicker1995 June 26, 2010
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When you repeatedly touch the ass with your tongue and then just stick your dick in there
by Myniggaisag December 20, 2016
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When something is kicking your ass, but you like it.
"Bro, im getting my ass licked by elden ring right now. malenia is destroying me, not in a sexual way."
"bro why did you specify that? and doesn't her boots have individual toes?"
by JupiterCoyote July 6, 2022
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- Obvious definition: licking the ass of someone in a sexual way!
- Slang: when you do everything for someone to appease to their whims
Most of my coworkers' ass licking, going around gassing up the boss and complement his nonsense orders.
by LexicalBoomer February 2, 2020
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the licking of the freaken arse
diks if u don't understand that
go back to elementry skool
Wow that chick ass licked me last nite
it felt fucken weird, yet interestingly good
by HEADSHOT January 30, 2003
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A pun on the term "finger licking good." Used in instances where something edible is quite disgusting and not agreeable to typical "normal" people's taste palette. Can also be used to describe an action done by someone that is disagreeable or shameful.
The selection of food in the cafeteria today is ass licking good like every other day with unhealthy choices and crappy variety.

That was an ass licking good move there kicking that little boy in the nads.
by forrest 69 forrest June 7, 2012
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