Ass Fucking is a favorite of dirty sluts. A true whore often prefers being fucked in the ass over having a cock in her little wet pussy. She likes to bend over, lift her skirt and beg a man to shove his dick up her tight asshole. She will beg for it hard and moan as she feels his cock ram into her ass. After the man cums in her ass she will often suck his cock as his jizz drips from her ass.
Kathy loves a good, hard, dirty ass fuck. I heard her talking to her friend on the phone. She said she had let 2 of her coworkers fuck her ass just the day before. Kathy said "I bent over and begged for it. One of them made me suck him while the other pumped my poor asshole. They kept calling me a slut and I rubbed my clit while they took turns fucking my ass and face. They both shot huge loads of cum inside me then left me with jizz dripping from my ass. They were right, I am a dirty slut"
by btld August 18, 2007
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"i gave that bird tha ass fuking of her lifetime!"

"Dude im gunna be ass fucked if i dont get the muny for that ounce by noon!"
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Moron who likes to fuck ass.
Sean Poling is such an ass fuck!
Justin Szostak is such an ass fuck!
Jon Cable is such an ass fuck!
by Jmz March 24, 2003
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Someone who enjoys fucking someone in the ass. Usually it is a GAY person.
John Gordon is an Ass fuck.

I ass fucked your mom last night.

You're such an ass fuck.
by Turd Burglar 1 June 22, 2004
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Being extremely fucked, to the point where fucked is not a sufficient description of the circumstance.
Guy One: My girlfriend’s pregnant; I’m totally ass fucked.
Guy Two: If you had ass fucked you wouldn’t be in this problem
by RichardNixonRocks December 1, 2007
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