A sexual practice once stigmatized, yet reclaimed to be sacred by the proud and profound writings of Lil B "The Based God" in his rare Based Freestyle, Imma Eat Her A$$. In this rap, the Based God tells of the great ways in which he is going to pleasure his female sexual partner, whilst ridiculing the pussy ass suckas who are not brave and dedicated enough to perform these sex acts, namely "ass eating". At the end of this inspirational song, Lil B "The Based God" explicitly gives a shout-out to lesbian women who eat ass. Straight up.
Kevin: Hey Brian, how was your date?
Blake: Yeah, was she cute?
Brian: She knows I'm into ass eating, I ate the whole ass bruh.
Kevin and Blake: #tybg

Rob: Hey Matt, I heard Jake broke up with Mary.
Matt: Yeah, I hear Jake didn't eat the whole ass.
Rob: How can Jake rep Task Force if he doesn't practice ass eating?
Jake: I ate that ass, the fuck are you talking about..? TASK FORCE, BITCH MOB!
by Taskforce_Visionary February 5, 2014
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When she put them cheeks on your face while you drive your tounge deep into her rectum fasting and sliding all over that shit
Art thou gonna eat tnt asseth aka ass eating
by Asseating6917 September 1, 2017
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Known as “ass eating season”, late autumn and winter are considered the perfect time to eat some juicy ass.
I told my boyfriend he has to wait until ass eating season to get a slice of this ass.
by duckytub October 22, 2017
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Ass eating season is right around the same time as firework season, which just so happens to be 365 days of the year
Hey bro, when is ass eating season? 365 days of the year brother
by Ass eater DC69 February 3, 2019
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Eating cereal cereal out of someones bootyhole

(Male or Female)
Jacob: Dude! Last night I was Cereal Ass Eating.

Cameron: What's that?

Jacob: Tyquisha, let me eat cereal out of her butt
by Kitty cat man May 14, 2014
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Someone who eats ass, but the insult itself litterally doesn't mean the individual is "eating ass"

- Created by B.J
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Ass eating can be best described as happiness at its fullest peak.
*hey Noah, would you love to eat some ass tonight?

*sure I love me some ass eating
by Fucksinthebutt69 August 16, 2018
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