A very very long period of time—longer than a normal day.
Girl: We've been waiting for like TWO ASS DAYS for the cookies to be done.
Guy: Verily
by czaravm December 31, 2011
A national day for your Lover

Smack there ass, fuck there ass, because it’s national ASS DAY
Today was ASS DAY, so I took my girlfriend”..
by JsjzksnxksksksAN November 4, 2019
A day in a school, usually Middle or High school, where teenagers go around slapping each others butts for the fun of it. Common for a guy to slap a girl's ass, a girl to slap a guy's, or two female friends to slap each other, but is usually taboo for two guys to do so. Normally occurs on Fridays and the message is often passed through a forwarded text.
FWD: Fwd: Friday is Slap-ass day! forward to all members of *name random high or middle school* in your contact list!
by Tobilollipop September 7, 2009
Definition of Long Ass Day - noun - Having a very bad day that never seems to end

Or A very crappy day that just won't end.
by Nichole McKnight September 2, 2009
Taken or not be prepared to get your ass slapped or grabbed all Month of October!!👻
“Yo I jus grabbed jasmines ass it’s national slap ass day
by your local baddie October 2, 2019
Smack ass day means to smack someone's ass really hard or grab it .basically you just hit someone's but.
by Kehlani PERIOD April 13, 2019