Where drunk concertgoers break into cars in the parking lot and defecate on the driver’s seat.
If you’ve ever been to a No Talent Ass Clowns concert, you’ve probably seen or heard about “ass clowning” where drunk concertgoers break into cars in the parking lot and defecate on the driver’s seat. It is rumored to have started in 1996 at Consumption Auditorium when Nick Ray Tummo first committed the act. “I was drunk and my friends all thought it was funny so I figured why not keeping doing it at shows? It gives me a kind of special spiritual connection to the concert.”
by Lars Gunblade June 14, 2011
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ass clown (ás kloun) n.:

one, who, through the fault of his parents conception, is a skid mark in society's collective underwear.
by DEEZ NUTS July 5, 2003
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A moron , someone of inferior intellect. A person who is obviously stupid. A knob-head.
1.you are acting like a complete ass-clown
2.arrggg your an ass-clown
by Adamski! October 3, 2006
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1. One whose stupidity and/or ineptitude exceeds the descriptive potential of both the terms ass and clown in isolation, and in so doing demands to be referred to as the conjugate of the two. 2. A male who engages in homosexual behaviors. See butthole surfer
1. Steve is such an ass clown!
2. Steven is such an ass clown!
by razer March 22, 2005
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A form of the more common Failure combined with an Ass Hole. Basically a combination of the worst traits of both: the mental, social, and physical shortcomings of a Failure, with all the obnoxious douchebaggery of an Ass Hole.
1. Joel may be a Failure, but at least he's not an Ass Clown...

2. Shawn is indeed an Ass Clown
by MNWHREDLX October 21, 2008
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A person who by ignorance or stupidity takes up unnecessary amounts of your time.
This looser calling my tech support hotline is a real ass clown.
by A'ss K'loun January 30, 2003
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A person who knows absolutly nothing about his job or trade but can tell everyone else how to do it better!!
My General foreman is a real ass clown,he could'nt wire a fucking hefty bag closed but he can tell me I'm not moving fast enough.
by Shitstick July 22, 2005
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