All of the definitions prior to this entry .. Andy b o h u s l a v .. Peen askhole ....
Andy .. Hey joe, what's the best way to start a car?
Joe .. Insert key, turn on and engage starter.
A .. Ok, thanks.
A .. Hey Frank, what's the best way to start a car?
F .. Insert key, turn on and engage starter.

A .. Ok, thanks ....
A .. Hey Jim, what's the best way ....

Frank .. Man, that Andy is such a peen askhole. Gotta go ask everybody the same thing....
by FartKnockerGooch October 4, 2019
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One who constantly asks for your advice, yet always does the complete opposite of what you told/advised them to do.
Dave asked if he should date this girl, and while everyone said no, he proceeded to date her, Dave is what we call an askhole.
by Gmone June 21, 2015
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A person that always ask questions and never shuts their mouth. Usually starts every sencents with "Ummm" and most people cant talk to this person for more then one minute.

Their a akward, weird, person that doesnt have many friends.

Also is kinda stupid
Teacher talking about something, and just explained everything
Sam "Ummm yeah how does that work? Um um..."
Teacher "Well let me explain it AGAIN"

Class "Ugh eff that askhole"
by hollywoodundead<3 January 20, 2011
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Someone who asks many stupid, pointless, random or obnoxious questions on a regular basis.
"Wow, my daughter's a hell of an askhole!"
by KinkoX120 August 17, 2015
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A person that continues to ask the same question to the same (or multiple) people until he/she gets the answer he/she wants.
Me : Lili asked me if you could jailbreak iOS9 . I told her you can't.

Friend 1 : Haha.. Yeah.. she asked mee the exact same thing

Friend 2 : Me too... About half an hour later she told me i was wrong, and she found a place online that can do it.

Friend 1 : But i already told her iOS9 isn't even out yet!

Me : Yeah.. me too.. I guess an askhole only hears what she wants to hear ..
by akubeejays October 12, 2013
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One who constantly asks demanding, tedious, and inconvenient favors of others.

The askhole is known to ask a bullshit favor of practically anyone, will selfishly never reciprocate, and is often incapable of concealing his/her lack of interest in/concern for anyone else's lives. A typical askhole believes himself/herself to be a good friend.
ASKHOLE: Hey can I borrow your truck to go travelling for 6 months?
GOOD GUY: Umm...
ASKHOLE: Cheers, bud.

ASKHOLE: Hey can I have half of your sandwich?
GOOD GUY: Well, I'm pretty hungry...
ASKHOLE: K, cheers, dude *munch*
by bigbenbooty February 10, 2014
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Askhole - a person who constantly ask for your advice , yet always does the opposite of what you told them
Person 1 : i don't know how to deal with Joe any advice?
Person 2 : tell him that you no longer have feelings for him because of the way he treats you
Person 1 : OK (calls Joe , ends up being a booty call )
*next day*
Person 1 : God, joe keeps hurting me and i dont know how to deal with it...
Person 2 : ... really your such a Askhole
by StarLaBomb July 19, 2015
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