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Named after Firawn's beautiful wife, Asiya is a name given to a girl who holds great values. This name cannot be disspected in any way because Lady Asiyah is one of the 4 ladies of Heaven. Along with Lady Khadija, Lady Maryam (Mary) and the chiefess of all the women of the world, Lady Fatema Zahra binte Muhammad. Lady Asiyah took care of Prophet Musa (Moses). She was killed By Firaun for loving P. Musa so much
by high great girl September 12, 2010
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The sexiest girl ever with a big ass and small titts. This girls beauty will distract you from her crocked teeth. She can be rude sometimes but doesn’t mean it. Asiya is liked by all guys because she has an amazing personality. She is one of a kind and you have to get to know her before you judge. Asiya is strong and will beat the crap out of anyone who annoys her. So don’t make her angry she is probably finding ways to kill you.
by Shelongg July 04, 2018
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