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First and foremost, Ashten is a FEMALE, spelled with and 'e' to be different and unique.

Not to be confused with AshtOn Kutcher.

Ashten's tend to be beautiful, caring, loving, unique, outgoing, goofy, adorable, and smart!

Not always on time, though she never gets into too much trouble when being


She loves to help other people, and would go out of her way to do so. Also, an animal lover, she would stop in the middle of the interstate to save a small turtle.

Eats healthy.. enough.

Doesn't always feel like exercising, but has a cute skinny figure anyways.

Ashten's tend to be blonde.

You can find her outside; whether she's hiking, swimming, hunting, or camping.. she loves the outdoors.
Ashten can be a bit sexual, and is very good at turning on and completely satisfying her partner.. whoever is lucky enough to be her partner.

Has nice boobs and butt for her size.

Her kisses are sweet.
by mr bill :) January 03, 2012
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Sexy, Beautiful, any guy is lucky to have her, Faithful, Perfect, If she has kids, she's a MILF, Amazing dancer. Funny, Great to hang out with. Has a lot of haters cause she's Amazing.
Are you hanging out with Ashten today?
Hell yeah, She is Amazing
by fbplayer1 September 07, 2010
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Ashten's a one of a kind guy. You won't find many guys like him. He could be a total player at times, but if he truly loves you he'll give up on being a player. He's sweet and is into basketball. He always watches sports on TV but not soccer. He's very intelligent and he's a total cutie. He's a ride till I die type of guy. He's such a freak but he knows when he should stop or keep going.
Ashten: You see that girl right there? That's my baby.

Miguel: Damn, she's hot.

Ashten: No she's beautiful...
by NeverForgotten June 01, 2012
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Ashten is a hotty.He can pretend to be a player but in the inside he only loves one girl. He usually plays sports and is a fucken hotty. He has hair that is fucken amazingly sexy and is so sweet.When your cold he warms you he's so charming its crazy
Becky;Did you see that guy?
Cayla: I bet his name is Ashten
by Jizzinmypantsnigga June 11, 2017
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