A person with symptoms of multiple personality disorder who uses their multiple personalities to harass and annoy others online. A person who steals other people's work online and calls it their own under another one of their names.
Ashleigh is an ashole who used her multiple personality alias "Rusello" to write a bad review on many people's fanfiction and fanart. That ashole is making a lot of enemies online by taking other people's art and calling it her own. Ashleigh the ashole downloaded hentai anime for the pleasure of one of her multiple personalites named "Chris".
by BHart March 7, 2007
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Someone who gets ash from a cigarette on you.
John: Dude i'm not an ashtray, quit being an ashole.
by Highena September 11, 2010
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Certain stinkey person that cannot refrain from passing stinkey farts at or against people or persons. These farts have a distinctive smell and have a good nose when sniffed deeply. This brothers role model is a professional in the rear end business.
Eeaww:Phew, thats stinkey!
Ashole: Ha ha, that was me.
by Stinkey101 July 30, 2009
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a girl wit a nigga mentality livin savagely ruthless wit no remorse/usually actin like da nigga n a relationship wit a simp ass nigga.
Nigga: Damn girl, i was ready fo da 2nd round so i cud get mines.. U really go jus get up n leave like that?? Can u please stay?

Girl: Fuck nah! Nigga u muthafuckin right i'm leavin!! I got mines!! U kno ima ashole wit it.. I do it movin cuhz slow niggas get left!!
by A. Steez August 11, 2009
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Someone with Asperger's Syndrome who is exhibiting social (more typical) or mental (rarer) impairment characteristic of said syndrome. Pronounced either as "ah-sohl" or, if you need to be sure you're perceived as delivering the proper term (or if you're southern), "aye-ess-hole."

It may be noted that despite the similarity between the term "asshole" and "AShole," AShole is only partially an insult; it is also a partial pardoning of whatever the aspie did to be described by this term.
She won't hug anyone. She's being a total AShole.
by TheLastPunslinger May 14, 2005
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A vesel in which one lets his cigaret ashes rest in peace.
I put my favorite cuban remains with those of my favorite grandma's in my ashole.
by chickpep February 5, 2011
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Asholes , a certain Electric Company and so called recycling company that is trying to dump millions of tons of coal ash in communities of NC.
People in Lee County NC told those asholes to keep their coal ash out of their communities .
by Conservationist February 14, 2016
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