Asho is a very beautiful girl, always smiling and kindhearted,small and she's a little shy.She has a great personality and very intelligent, she is the type of girl every guy falls in love with, her beauty and big heart shines through everything, Asho is also the type of girl who everyone is jealous of.Eveyone want's to fuck her and everyone wants to be friends with her.She's Fabulous,the most beautiful girl/woman in the world. She has amazing curves and she's a keeper. Asho is a funny girl, she's hot to the extreme, intelligent, funny, and overall amazing.She attracts every guy on the streets.
That Asho is honestly cute
by sexybitch__ October 18, 2014
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Ashoed - Derives from the Blood Elf Huntard - Asho (in the guild Ragnarök). It basically replaces the term "owned" in most circumstances.
"Soulstriker has just ashoed Asho in a duel"
"Ragnarök have just ashoed Ulduar!"
"Asho has just been ashoed by a level 1 critter"
by Teee! June 17, 2009
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hot to the extreme, intelligent, funny, overall amazing.
you dont know what your missin out on
by anonymous February 20, 2005
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the hottest girl on earth i win

woot wooottttt
i have a peeenisssss
yes indeeddddd
by jonny v January 13, 2005
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asho is a game of people who own pets and you can use stuffed animals for the pets so what you do in asho is that you must take care of pets one day they run away and you look for them and you find them but the next day they turn into humans and try and kill you ( this part you need more players ) you hide from them for a whole day then they find you they hurt you so you run away and find an animal-lizer then they are animals again
(this game takes 2-4+ players) hey Tyler let's play asho go get Abby then we can play asho
by creator of games April 15, 2022
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An extremely cute form for asking a hug in spanish.
by kikoku June 22, 2017
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