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danger now is a game where you choose what player you want there are 3 teams. team 1 is cops, team 2 is bad guys and team 3 are bad guys number 2.
all games of Danger Now must have 4+ players

2+ players on the cop team,1+ players on the bad guy's team, 1+ players on team bad guys 2
by creator of games April 15, 2022
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fist smack is where you hit your fist with your OPEN hand and keep switching your hands to fist and record when you do it and when your done slow it down in cap cut or anything if you mess up like both hands are fist or both hand you lose but if you survive you win you have to record for only 10 seconds.
hey Tyler let's play danger now-Jamal NO LETS PLAY FIST SMACK-Tyler OK GET YOUR PHONE AND DOWNLOAD CAP CUT
by creator of games April 19, 2022
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sandsore is a game where you are trapped in a desert and you have to survive there are sand storms and when you get caught in a sand storm you get hurt every 7 minutes there will be a sand storm each time they get worse so that's why you gonna have to build a fort in real life and each for has to get better and better you must upgrade your fort as much as you can and if you get caught in a sand storm 4 times you lose the game and must restart.
hey Jamal let's play sandsore-Tyler
by creator of games April 15, 2022
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asho is a game of people who own pets and you can use stuffed animals for the pets so what you do in asho is that you must take care of pets one day they run away and you look for them and you find them but the next day they turn into humans and try and kill you ( this part you need more players ) you hide from them for a whole day then they find you they hurt you so you run away and find an animal-lizer then they are animals again
(this game takes 2-4+ players) hey Tyler let's play asho go get Abby then we can play asho
by creator of games April 15, 2022
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shmiffel tag is a very good game of tag but its not your regular game of tag when you get tagged the previous tagger will yell the name of who got tagged BUT not the real name of the new tagger the nickname of the new tagger so people will know and then you will run and you have to juke the person that is tagged then when you do the tagger must then be froze for 10 seconds when he gets froze he does a bad dance then he has a dance ball he throws the dance ball at someone they have to run and dance
by creator of games April 14, 2022
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