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Sexy, Great in bed, Very hot, Big boobs, Nice ass, Likes everything in her. Great kisser. Great personality. Funny. Nice body.
Ashley(: is the best person in the world. I just absolutely love her to death. Ashley(: is great.
by sexy!(: June 25, 2011
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Ashley is the strongest person ever. She works so hard and literally is the easiest and sweetest person to talk to. I will miss her so much when she goes to a different school but I know that we will keep in touch. If the Ashley I’m talking about is Reading this I want you to know that In high school (even though we are not going to be together) I will be with you every frickin step of the way. No matter what. Any hurdle you are going through you can talk to me about it. It’s the least I owe you for listening to all Of my stupid problems for the past (it feels like) 100 years. I am so thankful of that β€œblessing in disguise” that happened in 5th grade with you know who because without I would have never met you. I hope you know that I miss you so much while typing this even though we are still together. People, I frickin love this girl Ashley and leaving to different schools will not make our friendship die off. ILYSFM ASHLEY!!

~Dark Chocolate
Girl: omg why did this room suddenly light up?

Me: that’s because Ashley :)walked in..
by DarkChocolate101 May 23, 2018
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