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An amazing indian guy who is very sweet and does not show any of the other definitions. he is very sweet and caring.
Aww that's ashish, he's so nice.
by k.a.o.p April 25, 2014
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a-shish in sanskrit is another name for god shiva and means one who sits (shish) on top or on a higher ground. God shiva is known to have his residence on mount kailash and therefore the name ashish
his favorite love making position is an ashish
by phenyle February 10, 2010
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A person who smokes smokes "hashish" also known as marijuana
Sometimes also used in a denigrating context
A neologism coined on the east indian subcontinent
See Also: bizzle beezy
He used to be intelligent, but now he's ashish.
by gaudada July 21, 2006
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The cheapest most racist motherfucker on the face of this earth who thinks he is white as fuck. who is the infamous "meatplow" on inappropriate websites! he goes by the nickname teazoshisho he likes long walks on the beach, he likes yelling "HEY BABE!!!" and has a plethora of dingleberries! stinky teaz hole!!
Indian ashish (Teazoshisho)
by teazholeshishhole November 28, 2011
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to stack, mainly used hardcore stacks that end in decapitation or permanent disfigurement of the human face
"billy ashished so hard they're still looking for his lower lip, he just recently woke up from his coma, he woke up screaming ASHISH! sadly it sounded like "ranjeet" due to the whole missing lip thing"
by awwwwwshieeeeeeettttt November 07, 2011
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