He is fucking awesome and throws piss missles. Super fucking attractive. His shlong is slightly above average. You should keep this fella
That kid's gotta be an Asher
Oh ya he's hot
by Ajsnizzle69 June 2, 2018
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Asher is given to the shy, sweet, cute people. Asher is shy once you meet him and won’t make the first move to talk but once you get to know him, he will come out of his shell. Asher has a cute, crazy side too but won’t show you until he trust you. Asher is the most sweetest person you will every meet. Asher is very creative and loves to draw and he is really good at drawing too. Asher is a hard working person and is always trying to please everyone around him. Asher is loving and loyal so if you ever get to date an Asher then you are one LUCKY GIRL plus he is really cute!
Whoa? Who is that!
That’s Asher... go talk to him
by Ashersgirl November 24, 2017
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The act of agreeing with others just to become popular
I'm not ashering you right now but I like that movie too
by big dak December 4, 2013
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Asher is a kind,loving sweet guy but he can be sarcastic at times he is also,very funny and lovable,and he loves hugs :)
Asher is very nice and loving
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Asher is sweet, kind, and extremely kind no matter what he goes through. He's open to opinions, smart, and likes smoothies, but dislikes bitter things. Asher's personality and rare name makes him unforgettable. He also likes Playstation games. When you first see him, you'll keep getting second glances at him because something special about him sticks out.
Girl that's never seen Asher before: Whoa, who's that dude?
Asher's friend: The most wonderful person in the world
by BirthBySleep June 12, 2016
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