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the most gorgeous, amazing, unique, crazy, funny, perfect, beautiful boy ever created. loved by everyone...
loves to have a giggle and is most definitely a mummys boy through and through.

when he grows up he will either be a wrestler, footballer, fire fighter or doctor.

also loves caats called pixie
Ashden = perfection....
by misfit13 February 09, 2010
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Ashden is a silly and all around fun person to be around! They love to party, but are so times mean. Ashdens are very Hansom/ Pretty or Sexy, and will have many girlfriends/Boyfriends in their life. If you every meet an Ashden, try to stay on their good side!
Person: Hey Ashden, i heard your single Lol.

Ashden: Shut up bitch, this ain't your buissiness!
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Ashden is a ship. It means Ashley and Aiden. It is the bet ship. Ashden 4 eva!
I love Ashden! It’s the best shop I’ve ever heard
by Ashden 4 evA May 02, 2019
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Ashden are very funny but can get angry very easily. They are very handsome,charming but stays with a group of friends. He likes to party and is more of an inside person. Ashdens when they grow up they will be a YouTuber boxer or free runner and doesn’t like drawing
Hey get away from her

(Ashden) bitch it’s my house now
by Ashdens January 13, 2018
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