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Arwin is the most sweetest person you’ll ever meet. He’s funny, charming and very smart. He can even make the saddest person in the room laugh. His smile is so bright and amazing, he is super caring and doesn’t stop loving. He’s the best person I’ve ever met in my entire life! I wouldn’t know what to do without him . He has the most purest soul & heart any human being has. He puts others before himself , and always makes sure everyone is okay.
Everyone needs an arwin in their life!
by Thatgirl12323 September 17, 2019
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He's a great guy at first. Nice, funny and just charming. He will trap you with his kind words but do not be fooled. You are nothing but something to do when bored to him. He WILL leave you but Arwins will also come back and you will take him back. You will let him back every time, get your hopes up but he will break your heart every time. Do not get attached to this son of a bitch
Wow, what an Arwins. He cant stick to one girl.
I cant help but love Arwins!
Stop being a wannabe Arwins, your not funny enough fag.
by thisb*!ch November 23, 2011
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An ugly, chimpanzee like creature who's freaking stupid and she can't get a boy if she had to dress up like a prostitute. She's annoying as crap, and don't ever make eye contact with her or you'll turn to Stone.
by Samwise gamgy January 09, 2018
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