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severe, painful condition of the joints and limbs.
"I been in bed with arthuritis."

"I warned you about them Ritis brothers!"
by bob March 23, 2005
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a.k.a. "The Retarded Green Llama Virus."
When something particularily ugly, fat, cocky and stupid(usually by the name of Arthur) inflicts his extreme gayness on you, and your infected for life!

Symtoms: severe headaches, which may lead to brain hemerages and heart problems, and excessive puking in his general direction because your eyes are sick of seeing his fat ugly fucking self.

Prognosis: there is no known cure to Arthuritus. Severe brain damage, loss of eyesight, and excessive puking till your teeeth rott are very comon problems. Eventually, all patients die a slow, and very painful death...often complaining of hallucinations and seeing green fat llama blobs before death. many patients that realize they have this nasty disease...kill themselves on the spot as they want to go out with some type of dignity.
by ? November 29, 2004
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