That girl from your Art History 101 class who wears hobo-chic apparel (large-framed glasses are a must), has Anna Karina bangs, worships Tracey Emin and/or Andy Warhol, frequents the local art house to catch the latest Harmony Korine film, frequents independent art galleries (ie, White Box and The James Fuentes Gallery in NYC) to view the latest New Ukrainian Painting installation, and reads Adorno for "fun" whilst sipping red tea, black coffee, box wine, and/or PBR. Probably listens to a lot of Serge Gainsbourg as well. Fits in very well in the designated hipster area of town.
by kikikikikikikiki May 16, 2008
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Art Fag:

A pretentious individual who, although eventually graduating, never fully leaves the post pubescent mentality of a college student.

Consumed by the fear that if they are not individual and uniquely superior they are wasting away. They will go to great lengths to scoff at and insult finely dressed people for selling out to consumerism as they frequent forty dollar indie rock concerts with people half their own age and accessorize their second hand image with the latest in technical gadgetry.

They will always to a fault:

Use the metrics system in an inappropriate manner

They will be blatantly disdainful toward American sports and in turn cling desperately cling to soccer.

No picture can be taken without a special feature to demonstrate their superior eye. Altered states of perspective, lighting, and definitely in black and white.
Robert was such an art fag he took pictures at the handsome furs concert with his iphone set on sepia.
by LA h8r November 2, 2011
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n.1) an art student fully immersed in the art school culture, i.e. dressing in all-black or the trendiest rummage sale attire, listening to music only played on college radio, and referring to obscure artists or writers constantly

2) one who uses "artistic" to explain dubious decisions or behaviors
That art fag welded a high-heel to an umbrella and ran around the Village all day in the rain.
by BrightApollo March 7, 2003
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A pretentious art student (usually in college) who listens to nothing but obscure indie and art rock bands (besides Death Cab, Radiohead, Interpol, The Strokes, Belle and Sebsastian, and Sonic Youth). They wear black-rimmed square glasses, a track jacket with stripes on the side, tight corduroy pants that are ripped, Chuck Taylors or Vans, man purses (even the girls), and some sort of hair farming technique (on black people, it's an afro with dreads).
Half of our Intro to Art class is filled with art fags.
by oliver b December 28, 2006
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People who obsess over art, music, and poetry and think they're so unique even though there are millions of them.
Those guys are a bunch of art fags.
by sofiaaaaaah February 1, 2009
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a person who smokes, drinks $4 coffee and visits art museums and talks about the art expressing the descent and selling out of America to capitalists and other four syllable words but they are huge ass hypocrits cuz they are selling out too with their goddamn cigarettes and $5 lattes and banana republic peacoats. listen to Dead Milkmen's "you'll dance to anything"
by asshole January 21, 2004
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A pretentious, often rich and/or bored young person, usually "bisexual", with a form of mental disorder which
both males and females with short hair and undercuts
Generally feel they have to be individual in some way or else their lives are pointless. (see example #1) Although they usually are not depressed or suicidal.
Overly friendly, because it's different to be nice to everyone. Especially complete strangers.
Always optimistic, regardless. (see example #2)
Love to go op shopping (see example #3)
Usually attempt some type of art form, mainly photography using black and white photographs or polaroids. (Or they take photos of their art with polaroids or black and white photographs)
Often partakes in drinking lattes and/or capuccinos, or chai lattes and tea whilst smoking their own rolled cigarettes. See degraves.
Think that the term 'art fag' is actually a good thing.
Also less commonly known (in australia) as hipsters.
#1 "What's the use in living if I'm just like someone else?"

#2 Kristy: art fag, female, 14 - JoJo: not art fag, female, 14
JoJo: "Kristy, I think I'm in a lot of trouble... I don't know what to do!"
*JoJo begins to cry*
JoJo: "The condom broke around three weeks ago with Jace and my period was due two weeks ago, I think I'm pregnant! I can't be pregnant it'll mess everything up... Why are you smiling?"
Kristy: "Oh, I'm sorry sugarplum it's just, a baby is something to be happy about!"
JoJo: "What the fuck?"
(true story, names have been changed)

#3 "That dress designed for 70 year olds looks sooo cute on you, and no one else will have it! Now we can really be special."
by charlie chase April 28, 2009
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